Large Mcm Backpack volume of 50 liters or more, suitable for medium and long-distance travel and adventure activities more professional. For example, when you go to areas like Tibet trekking or mountaineering expeditions, you certainly should be selected volume of 50 liters or more large backpack. Some short-term camping trip if you need a large backpack is also needed, because only it can fit in your desired camping tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Large backpack according to different uses can be divided into long-distance travel mountaineering bags and backpacks.

Mountaineering Mcm Bags generally elongated inclusions so through the narrow terrain, enclaves divided into two layers, separated by a zipper sandwich apart, so very convenient when taking items. Backpack outer side and top can be tied to tents and mats, potentially increasing the volume of the backpack. Backpack but also have ice ax sleeve Cheap Mcm Backpack, available bundled with ice ax, poles purposes. Most noteworthy is that the structure of these backpacks back, the bag has a lightweight aluminum support inclusion within the frame, the shape of the back is designed according to ergonomic principles, back thicker bandwidth, shape used in line with human physiological curve "S" type design, Cheap Mcm Handbags Sale, and there are two sides to prevent the strap from sliding chest strap, so that those who feel very comfortable backpack. And all have a kind of backpack strong, generous and comfortable belt, strap height is adjustable Cheap Backpacks. Users can according to their body easily adjust the strap to fit your height. Generally speaking in the bottom of the backpack above the buttocks Mcm Bags, so that the pack can be transferred to more than half the weight of the waist, thus greatly reducing the burden on the shoulder, reducing the load caused by long-term damage to the shoulder. Backpack trekking and mountaineering bag package structure similar, but some large inclusions, and is equipped with many pockets, in order to classify fragmentary objects placed before the face of long-distance travel bags usually can be opened, taking items very convenient.

Medium backpack volume is generally between 30 to 50 liters, these more Cheap Mcm Backpack for Sale, 2 to 4 days of field trips, travel between cities, and some long-haul non-camping backpacking Cheap Backpacks is very appropriate medium the. Some carry clothing and daily necessities can be installed under. The design and type of medium-sized backpack is more diverse. Some backpack added some side pockets, Cheap Mcm Handbags, and more conducive to packing items Mcm Bags. These backpacks and large bags back roughly the same structure.

Small backpack 30 liters capacity, most of these backpacks generally used in urban areas, of course, for 1 to 2 days is also very suitable for hiking.

Casual backpack mostly more stylish, vibrant, relatively fresh models Mcm Backpack. Can highlight the lovely, youthful vigor of a backpack. Such as the right of this retro backpack. Retro is popular elements within the last two years, the majority of backpack has adopted this element. Kind of backpack is not only stylish, but also relatively easy to take clothes, almost all wild style of dress informal occasions. Fashion hit color adds a touch of freshness to the overall taste.

In recent years, students in the pursuit of the requirements for the package function and also pay more attention to fashion and trends, Mcm Handbags, student backpack roughly Casual slightly overlap. Since retro rise again once the basic models of the backpack came back to people's view of them Cheap Backpacks, most of these models in multiple colors based play, candy colors, fluorescent colors, printing and other features combined college and stylish backpack by only praise from students. These backpacks College Wind revealing both freshness and vibrant, flexible. As structured models, colors, colorful, very drab uniforms take students on weekdays and general leisure travel dress.